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NHA and Motorway Police Announces Up to 900% Increase in Traffic Fines

The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) has officially declared a substantial surge in fines related to traffic violations, set to take effect from October 1, 2023. To enhance public awareness, NHMP is disseminating this information across various communication platforms, including social media.

S. No.CodeViolationExisting Fine Amount (Rs.)Revised Fine Amount (Rs.)Percentage Increase (%)
1B-20Exceeding speed limits7502500233.33
2B-24Overtaking where prohibited3001500400
3B-25Failure to yield the right of way to other vehicles3001000233.33
4B-26Interfering with an emergency vehicle5005000900
5B-28Driving at night without proper light10005000400
6B-29Driving on the wrong side of the road5002500400
7B-30Disobeying stop sign5003000500
8B-32Following too closely or cutting in too sharply3001000233.33
9B-33Driving with the rear screen covered (Partially/Fully)150 (Partially) / 300 (Fully)750 (Average for both)400
10B-34Jumping traffic queue5001000100
11B-37Using turn indicator for any purpose other than those prescribed300750150
12B-40Failure to observe lightening hours5001000100
13B-41Obstructing Traffic5002000300
14B-42Failure to Observe slow sign2002000900
15B-45Prohibited lane changing2001000400
16B-49Careless Driving3001500400
17B-50Driving without a Driving License7505000566.67
18B-51Driving Un-Registered Vehicle5002000300
19B-54Opening doors dangerously2001000400
20B-55Improper turn (turn from the wrong lane)3002500733.33
21B-56Improper Lane Usage (Lane Straddling)2001000400
22B-57Driving vehicle emitting smoke, visible vapors, etc.5001250150
23B-59Driving a vehicle producing unduly harsh, loud, or alarming noise3001000233.33
24B-60Improper U-turn3001000233.33
25B-72Parking on a bridge300750150
26B-61aUse of Phone/tablet/handheld device while driving (New insertion)500 (N/A)
27B-61bDriving without fastening a seat belt (New insertion)1500 (N/A)
28B-61dDriving a road vehicle without side mirrors (New insertion)500 (N/A)
29B-61iInstallation of unlawful Police Light Mimic LEA (New insertion)5000 (N/A)
30B-61jFancy Number Plates / Unreadable to machine (New insertion)1000 (N/A)
31B-61kUse of HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Lights to disrupt vision (New insertion)2000 (N/A)
32B-61mEvading law by improvised tinting of glasses (New insertion)1000 (N/A)
Traffic Rules Voilations Fine

This table provides a detailed overview of the existing and revised fine amounts for various traffic violations, including newly inserted violations, along with the corresponding percentage increases where applicable.

These revisions aim to enhance road safety and compliance with traffic regulations. NHMP’s efforts are centered on ensuring safer roadways and discouraging traffic violations for the well-being of all road users.

In related news, the toll tax for the Lahore-Islamabad (M2) motorway underwent an adjustment last month, resulting in a 10 percent increment. This adjustment aligns with a 20-year agreement between the National Highway Authority (NHA) and MS/More, an affiliate of the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), established in 2014.

These developments reflect the government’s commitment to improving road infrastructure and ensuring the responsible use of roadways for the benefit of all citizens.

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