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Allegations of Fuel Smuggling Implicate Government Officials and Politicians

A concerning report delivered to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has made shocking revelations, alleging the involvement of a substantial number of government officers and politicians in the smuggling of billions of liters of Iranian fuel into Pakistan.

According to the report, a staggering 2.8 billion liters of Iranian petrol are smuggled into Pakistan annually, contributing to the funding of illegal activities, including terrorism. This illicit trade is estimated to cost Pakistan a substantial Rs. 60 billion in losses every year.

The report further implicates a total of 995 petrol pumps spread across the country in the unlawful sale of Iranian petrol. Shockingly, approximately 90 government officials and 29 politicians are allegedly involved in this extensive smuggling network.

Perhaps even more alarming is the assertion that the smuggled fuel finds its way into Pakistan through vehicles belonging to Pakistan State Oil (PSO). Despite the gravity of these allegations, the PMO has maintained a conspicuous silence on the matter, raising concerns about the potential involvement of influential politicians from various parts of Pakistan.

Recent media reports have shed light on the existence of illicit petrol distribution operations, with certain individuals brazenly selling Iranian gasoline in plastic containers. This not only poses grave threats to public safety but also undermines legitimate businesses operating in the petroleum sector.

Moreover, the report reveals a disturbing twist in the narrative. Rather than taking decisive action against this illegal trade, some police officers have allegedly joined the ranks of those purchasing gasoline from the very individuals involved in the smuggling network.

This disconcerting issue has garnered attention over the past few days, yet there has been no tangible response from the government. As these allegations continue to swirl, the nation waits for clarity and accountability in a matter that could have far-reaching implications for Pakistan’s political landscape and its fight against illicit activities.

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