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Lahore Witnesses Alarming Surge in Contagious Pink-Eye Outbreak

In a concerning turn of events, Lahore finds itself grappling with an abrupt and significant rise in cases of conjunctivitis, commonly referred to as ‘pink eye,’ sparking widespread worry throughout the city. This highly contagious eye infection has rapidly spread across various neighborhoods, leading to a substantial increase in individuals seeking medical attention.

With over five hundred people flooding hospitals on a daily basis, the city’s healthcare system is under immense strain. Experts have identified the culprit behind this outbreak as viral conjunctivitis and are sounding the alarm regarding the potential for further transmission if precautionary measures are not diligently followed.

Patients afflicted with this infection report experiencing painful redness, eye swelling, and excessive tearing, raising serious concerns about the severity of the outbreak. Remarkably, the virus is spreading at an unprecedented rate, with transmission occurring not only through direct contact but also through the air and casual conversations.

Ophthalmologist Professor Asad Aslam stresses the critical need for preventive actions, emphasizing that the virus can easily spread through contact with contaminated surfaces, close proximity to infected individuals, and even during routine conversations. He advises people to wear protective eyewear, promptly isolate bedding and utensils, and exercise extreme caution to prevent further transmission.

Professor Aslam further underscores the importance of practicing rigorous hygiene to curb the virus’s spread. He points out that the virus can linger on surfaces for extended periods, and if an infected individual touches their eye and subsequently contacts other surfaces or people, the risk of transmission remains high.

Experts note that this eye infection tends to be more prevalent during the rainy season, underscoring the importance of vigilance and strict adherence to hygiene guidelines for Lahore’s residents.

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