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Google Now you save more space of your mobile

Google has rolled out a nifty update on the Play Store to help you free up space on your phone effortlessly. Now, the Google app store offers a new feature that automatically archives apps you haven’t used in a while.

While this might not be entirely new, it used to be that you could only archive apps when your storage was nearly full, and the process was a bit cumbersome. However, Google has simplified things by introducing a convenient toggle that allows you to activate this feature whenever you want.

To access this option, head to the Play Store settings, specifically in the General section, where you can easily turn it on or off. This improvement makes it easier to proactively manage your phone’s storage, letting you keep your essential apps without hogging as much space.

Here’s how it works:

The auto app archive utilizes Android’s App Bundle format, which enables app developers to send only the necessary files your phone requires. This not only saves bandwidth and storage but, with auto-archiving enabled, your phone can further reduce package sizes.

Google claims that this can lead to significant storage savings of up to 60%, all without losing any data or having to uninstall the app. If you decide to use the app again, your phone will simply download the required additional files at that time. It’s a handy way to declutter your phone without the hassle.

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