You are currently viewing WhatsApp’s New Feature: In-App Shopping and Improved Business Trust
WhatsApp's New Feature: In-App Shopping and Improved Business Trust

WhatsApp’s New Feature: In-App Shopping and Improved Business Trust

WhatsApp is making significant strides in the world of e-commerce with its new feature called Flows. This feature allows users to shop for a wide range of items without ever leaving their WhatsApp chat, revolutionizing the online shopping experience.

Initially launched in limited markets, WhatsApp is now expanding Flows to businesses through its Business Platform, with an initial rollout planned in India. This move will enable users to add items to their shopping cart and enjoy multiple payment options, including UPI, debit cards, and credit cards. To ensure the security of these transactions, WhatsApp has partnered with trusted payment providers like Razorpay and PayU.

In addition to this, WhatsApp is working on a verification feature called “Meta Verified.” This feature aims to provide a trust badge to businesses that can demonstrate their authenticity. Verified businesses will receive various benefits, including a customizable WhatsApp web page and multi-device support.

While this feature is currently in the testing phase and not yet available on the Business Platform, it holds great potential for transforming the online shopping landscape. As WhatsApp continues to innovate, it remains to be seen whether this feature will eventually become available in Pakistan, where WhatsApp is widely used for communication and could potentially revolutionize the online shopping experience.

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