You are currently viewing NHA Urges CDA for Prompt Repairs to Damaged Section of Murree Road
NHA Urges CDA for Prompt Repairs to Damaged Section of Murree Road

NHA Urges CDA for Prompt Repairs to Damaged Section of Murree Road

The National Highways Authority (NHA) has formally requested the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to undertake repair and renovation work on a section of Murree Road that sustained damage during the construction of the Bhara Kahu bypass. The deteriorating condition of this road has caused significant inconvenience to the public. Murree Road falls under the jurisdiction of the NHA, while the Bhara Kahu bypass is the responsibility of the CDA. Regrettably, during the bypass construction, the Murree Road segment beneath the newly erected flyover suffered considerable damage. Despite completing the bypass, the CDA has yet to initiate repairs on this section.

Furthermore, the underpasses connected to the bypass road remain disjointed, as the construction of service roads on both sides is still pending.In response to numerous complaints from the public regarding the road’s deteriorating and uneven state, the NHA convened a meeting with CDA officials.This meeting, held at the NHA headquarters, was attended by representatives from both organizations. During the meeting, NHA officials stressed the urgency of commencing repair work on Murree Road to alleviate the hardships faced by the public.

An inside source revealed that CDA’s Director General and other officials assured the meeting that work would commence soon. The CDA is currently in discussions with the National Logistic Cell (NLC), the contractor responsible for constructing the bypass road, regarding the additional tasks of overhauling Murree Road and connecting the underpasses through service roads. This matter falls within the CDA’s jurisdiction.

A CDA representative who attended the meeting confirmed that NHA had requested repairs and renovations for Murree Road and affirmed that the CDA had committed to the necessary work. The NHA had previously issued a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the commencement of the bypass project, with the condition that CDA would undertake the repair work on Murree Road upon project completion. A shopkeeper named Mohammad Nadeem expressed his contentment with the bypass’s convenience but voiced concerns about the subsequent neglect of Murree Road.

Nonetheless, a senior CDA official reassured that the civic agency was committed to completing the remaining work. The CDA is actively engaging with the NLC to address these concerns as additional work, aiming to circumvent the need for a new tendering process. Besides, they remain optimistic that the NLC will promptly initiate the required work; otherwise, the CDA will consider issuing a fresh tender for the project.

Source: DAWN

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